May, 2013.-  Sedes,-is. at Dardo Magazine.


February the 28th, 2013.-  Sedes,-is. at Amosega in collaboration with Cluster da Madeira.


December the 18th, 2012.- Wood and design, meet up of Sedes,-is. Losán and the EASD at Bus Station Space.


December the 5th, 2012.- Launching eume project at Bus Station Space art galery.


August the 8th, 2012.- Wood and design at CA Institute.


May the 4th, 2012.- Exhibition at EASD Ramón Falcón en Lugo


April the 26th, 2012.- Creative meeting at Abastos 2.0

February 19 to 22th, 2012.- Planting chestnuts and walnuts thanks to Álvarez and Seixas families.


February the 11th, 2012.- Designers meeting with daqbCenlitrosmetrocadrado and Domohomo in Conxo. 


December the 16th, 2011.- Products presentation in Tokonoma.


November the 20th, 2011.- Margarita to be published in La Voz de Galicia.


October the 13th, 2011.- Presentation of in Domohomo.


April the 27th, 2011.- Exhibition at Escola Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de A Coruña around product design.


December the 15th, 2010.- Exhibition at EASD Mestre Mateo de Santiago de Compostela around furniture design.


September the 30th, 2010.- Presentation of María chair at Roteiro10 in Santiago de Compostela.