eume project II


The outdoor chair


A chair inspired in the japanish Toriis. A solid wood structure that has been thermotreated to resist the pass of the time.




An easy going stackable chair.


Made with neither nails nor screws. Made with just 9 pieces of solid chestnut wood, some of them up to 35cms wide.




The one for the bedroom, a singular chair.


An object for hanging clothes, unpacking suitcase, putting shoes on... and any other bedroom activity.





A table that stretches.

Made in two pieces to make it extensible. Additional panels are stored inside the table. The structure has been cut to make it look extremely fine.




Luis and Luisa


Headboard and bedside.

Huge boards mitercut and halftimber match together to shape a coffer. One of it sides cedes. A little drawer. Red-fire inside.